In the spring semester of 2010, I took the USM course ART 141F, entitled "Two-dimensional Design."

All told, I and the other students in the class produced six projects. In order to display my work, I have photographed the completed work of four of these six projects. If you click on the links below, you can see the photographs and a description of my work.

The first two projects were in book form and therefore difficult to photograph. One of thse projects revolved around a starfish, and part of my preparation for the project involved photographing a starfish and doing some Photoshop manipulation of it. You can click on the link entitled "starfish pictures" to see those photos.

Starfish Pictures Colored-Paper Cutouts Colored-Paper Overlaps Painting Final Project

I came to learn that my favorite painters are Sol Lewitt, Dorothea Rockburne, and the "hard-edge painting" of Al Hand.