Starfish Pictures Colored-Paper Cutouts Colored-Paper Overlaps Painting Final Project

Pythagorean Theorem cutouts

Cut-out construction and origami paper on Bristol board; overall size: 48.3 × 61.0 cm;
each panel: 18.6 × 15.9 cm

For this project we were assigned to cut out either geometrical or organic shapes from colored paper, and to produce the same design either four or six times but with a different color scheme to establish varying moods.

I chose to illustrate the Pythagorean Theorem by forming a right-triangle (whose right angle is on the top), with squares emanating from each of the three sides. According to the theorem, adding the areas of both small squares would equal the area of the large square.

I do not know if I have indeed created different moods. But I do like the outcome of this project quite a bit. I believe that it is pleasing to look at, and it is mathematically instructive at the same time.