Starfish Pictures Colored-Paper Cutouts Colored-Paper Overlaps Painting Final Project

Golden Canon painting

Acrylic paint on Bristol board; overall size: 51.2 × 72.6 cm; each panel: 14.9 × 10.7 cm

Using archival-quality tape, I have attached a painting behind each of the eight panels. I painted on Bristol board using Jo Sonja acrylic paints with the following colors, often mixed together of course: Cadmium Yellow Medium (JS010), Carbon Black (JS011), Cobalt Blue Hue (JS012), Napthol Crimson (JS022), and Titanium White (JS048).

According to the requirements of the assignment, the panels contained the following color combinations:

• white and black, with steps of gray: Top-left painting

• white and color, with steps: Top, second-from-left painting, in which the color is red

• black and color, with steps: Top, second-from-right painting, in which the color is blue

• blue and orange, with steps: Bottom, second-from-left painting

• red and green, with steps: Top-right painting

• yellow and purple/violet, with steps: Bottom-left painting

• my choice: Bottom, second-from-right painting

• my choice: Bottom-right painting

Each pair of paintings represents the verso and recto of page layouts where the text area has been designed using the Golden Canon of book page construction. On this subject, I published an article entitled "The 'Golden Canon' of Book-Page Construction: Proving the Proportions Geometrically" in the Journal of Mathematics and the Arts 4:3 (September 2010): 137-141. The link to this article is at DOI: 10.1080/17513470903458205. URL: