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Praxis II exam
(Test code: 0361; Test name: "English to Speakers of Other Languages" [ESOL])

On 30 April 2011, I took the Praxis II exam, administered at the University of Southern Maine. The possible score range was 100-200, and I received a score of 168. The Maine State Department of Education requires a score of 144, and therefore I passed this exam in Maine. The Maryland State Depatment of Education requires a score of 149 on this exam, and therefore in Maryland as well I would be deemed to have passed this exam .

What follows is the detailed information on my exam results:

Test Category Raw Points Earned Raw Points Available Average Performance Range *
Foundations of linguistics and language learning
41 44 26-39
Planning, implementing, and managing instruction
25 34 25-30
13 16 11-14
Cultural and professional aspects of the job
13 16 11-14
16 18 10-15

* As defined by Educational Testing Service (ETS), this column records "[t]he range of scores earned by the middle 50% of a group of examinees who took this form of the test at the most recent national administration or other comparable time period."

You may click here to view a PDF file containing the ETS official record of my grades.