The Glagolitic Alphabet

In spurts I have been working diligently in learning the Glagolitic alphabet, a huge topic upon which I will very briefly touch. In the 9th century A.D., Cyril and Methodius developed this alphabet, which some say later developed into Cyrillic while others argue that Cyrillic developed alongside of Glagolitic.

I have prepared a one-page sheet on how to write the lower-case Glagolitic alphabet. If you click here, the sheet will open in PDF format.

I have also designed and constructed two logos and a monogram to celebrate my wife Susan's Croatian heritage. These are shown below, along with their explanation.

Picinich-Max logo in Latin Picinich-Max logo in Glagolithic

The Logo in Latin

I designed and constructed the logos above, which show the coat of arms of Primorje-Gorski kotar County (in Croatian, it is Primorsko-goranska županija). This Croatian county, whose adminsitrative capital is Rijeka, contains the island of Lošinj. And the largest city on Lošinj island is Mali Lošinj, from where my wife's great grandfather originates. The symbol on the lower left (showing the sailing ship) is the coat of arms for Mali Lošinj. Meanwhile, the symbol on the lower right (showing the tower) is the coat of arms for the nearby smaller town of Veli Lošinj, where my wife's great grandfather lived for much of his life.

First, let us examine the left-hand logo, on which the text is written in Latin letters. On the left side of the coat arms is the Croatian word kažaliste, which means theatre. I write this word to honor my wife Susan, who became a full professor of theatre at the University of Southern Maine, and who now holds the rank of full professor of theatre at Towson University. Susan has worked as a costume designer in academic and professional theatres for more than 30 years.

On the right side of the coat of arms I have written uprava, the Croation word for administration. Again, this credits Susan's work as an administrator. She was a College of Arts and Sciences associate dean at USM from 2001 to 2009, and in 2009 she became the interim dean of her college. In 2011, Susan began her work as the Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communication.

Finally, on the bottom is the word obrazovanje, which means education. I have put down this word to pay respect to the work that both Susan and I have done in academia for decades.

The Logo in Glagolitic

On the right side I have place the logo written in the Glagolitic alphabet. The heading Picinić-Max is written in the font entitled "Epistula Croatica," and the other three words are written in the font "Kr*ka notarska *kola2." Both are these are free downloads.

Our Monogram in Glagolitic

I have designed a monogram in Glagolitic consisting of the equivalent of a large 'S' (for Susan and Stanley) enclosing the equivalents of a smaller 'P' (for Picinich) and a smaller 'M' (for Max). Click on the thumbnail below to see the full-size monogram.

Picinich-Max monogram