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A few places in northern Southeastern Europe

On this two-week trip, taken in July 2012, Susan and I visited the following places:
Zagreb, Rijeka, Varaždinske Toplice, and Varaždin, in Croatia;
Maribor, Ptuj, Lake Bled, Ljubljana, and stopping by Kluže Fortress, in Slovenia;
Klagenfurt, Austria; and Trieste, Italy.


In Zagreb, I am standing at the base of the statue commemorating Josip Jelačić, a hero of Croatia in the 19th century.

Jelačić statute

Susan stands underneath a Roman arch in Rijeka.


Susan at the statue of Hercules and the dragon symbolizing Klagenfurt, Austria.


Not far from Lake Bled, as we approached the Julian Alps, Susan stands in front of a ski jump under construction, touted as the largest ski jump in the world.

ski jump

Another happy tourist couple took this and the next photograph. I cannot decide which one I prefer, so I have posted them both.

Lake Bled 1

We are at Bled Grad, which is the castle overlooking Lake Bled itself. Observe the island in the background.

Lake Bled 2

Here, I am at the foot of the stairs leading to the church on the island in Lake Bled. The island is called Otok, which simply means island.

Otok 1

On the pier of Otok.

Otok 2

Inside of a beautiful building, on the shore of Lake Bled, used by Tito as a resort. I am standing in front of a mural depicting events in Yugoslavia during World War II. The resort is now used as a hotel.

Tito's residence

At our hotel in Maribor, where Susan continues her excellent work in planning our trip.

Maribor hotel 1

The Drava River flows behind her. The photograph looks upstream.

Maribor hotel 2

In the center of Ptuj. Susan stands on the left side of the photograph, underneath the portico.

Ptuj center

At the fish restaurant in Ptuj, with the Drava River in the background. Ptuj is downstream the Drava from Maribor.

Ptuj restaurant

Standing on a bridge at Ribčev Laz, the outlet of Lake Bohinsko, I am photographed at coordinates 46°16'41"N or 46°16'42"N by 13°53'11"E.

Ribcev Laz

At the Savica River, the principal tributary of Lake Bohinsko, Susan is photgraphed at coordinates 46°17'N by 13°48'E. I can identify that location only to the nearest minute, and not to the nearest second as I could at Ribčev Laz.

Savica River

I am inside Kluže Fortress, a centuries-old site protecting the passageway through the Bovec River. That river in turn guards the approach to the Soča River, which in Italian is called the Isonzo River.

Kluže fortress 2

I am outside Kluže Fortress, more or less looking towards the west. I chose not to straighten this photograph to avoid cutting off the top of the mountain in the background. As I understand the situation, during the First World War, Italian forces were dug into that mountain as they faced Austrian forces in the fortress .

Kluže fortress 2

Susan along the road with Kluže Fortress just in the background.

Kluže fortress 3

Standing near the triple bridge in the center of Ljubjana.

Ljubljana 1

A practically identical picture taken moments later. The bridge and the buildings in the background are basked in sunshine, while the foreground lies in shadow, requiring significant Photoshop work on my part, with dubious success.

Ljubljana 2

At the cathedral on a hill overlooking Trieste, with the Adriatic Sea in the background.

Trieste 1

Just off a main square in Trieste, Susan points to our location (where our hotel was also located) on a three-dimensional representation of the city.

Trieste 2

Piran Bay behind Susan. The land in the background is Croatian territory.


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