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Our trip to Zadar, Croatia

For two weeks, from late July to early August 2013, Susan and I studied Croatian language at the University of Zadar's summer school. The first two pictures are from the aircraft as we flew over the northern portion of the Adratic Sea on a beautiful, clear day en route from Munich to Zadar. The remaining pictures chronicle our one-day journey from Zadar itself to the nearby island of Ugljan.


In and of itself, this first photograph does not have anything to do with Zadar. But what a nice picture on the translatlantic portion of the flight, showing the moon and another plane out the window!

Rab Cityr from the air

A portion of Rab Island seen from the air. Rab City is the inlet visible on the left side of the window. The Croatian word for island is otok, and for city it is grad.

Rab Cityr from the air

This photograph, which Susan took from the left side of the plane, shows a bit of Pag Island and two smaller islands. Principally, however, the picture shows the mainland north of Zadar, including a number of peninsulas extending from the mainland. The shallow peninsula in the middle right side of the photo, where the city of Ljubač is located, also contains the remains of a Knights Templar castle, which we have not visited.

Ljubač peninsula

Zadar seen from the air. Immediately in the background, separated by the Zadar Straight, is Ugljan Island, then Iž Island, and finally Dugi (meaning "Long") Island. Visible on this side of Ugljan are the small island of Ošljak and the very small island of Galevac, discussed below.

Zadar from the air

Here I am on a walking tour of Zadar. The guide gave a very instructive overview of the city.

City tour

I am standing on an overlook of what is called the Foša, which is a small inlet on the southwest side of the Zadar peninsula. The photograph faces southwest, with Ugljan Island in the far distance. The red building is about 80 m away, to the left of which is a fine fish restaurant where we enjoyed a nice meal. The slanted wall along the right side of the Foša forms part of the medieval defensive works of the city.

Overlooking the Foša

I am in the forum (it was indeed the Roman Forum in antiquity), which our apartment overlooked. I am not easy to spot, but I am right in the middle of the photograph wearing a maroon-colored shirt, and if you look carefully you may see me waving with my right hand. Susan took the picture.

Stanley waiving from the Forum

Here I am in our apartment overlooking the forum.

Zadar from the air


The iconic bell tower of Zadar's Cathedral of St. Anastasia (in Croatian, Katredala sv. Stošije) as seen from our apartment window.

Bell tower in the daylight

The bell tower at night time, viewed from the street.

Bell tower at night

On a hill which overlooks St. Christopher's Square (in Croatian, Trg sv. Kristofora), where the archery display is held during Rab Fair (Rapska Fjera). Beyond that can be seen the harbor of Rab City, and houses on the other side. The photograph looks northeast.

Rab City accross the harbor

The procession carried out as part of Rapska Fjera, in which the relics of St. Christopher are carried.

Zadar from the air

On the ferry from Rab to the mainland, or the mainland to Pag Island.

Zadar from the air

The strikingly beautiful view from the winow of a classroom at the University of Zadar looking across the Zadar Straight at Ugljan Island.

Zadar from the air

Looking back towards Zadar on the way to Ugljan by ferry. The large bell tower is part of the cathedral. The buildings furthest to the right in the picture show the University of Zadar.

Zadar as we head to Ugljan

Galevac (also called Školjič — I am unclear on this issue) is a very small island on which the Franciscan Monastery of St. Paul the Hermit is situated. It is visible on the left side of this photograph, which was taken from Ugljan. In the distance is Zadar, and far off in the background is the mountainous Croatian coastline.

Galevac and Zadar seen from Ugljan

This is how Zadar appears from Galevac itself. From this distance (about 4.3 km), the spectacular beauty of the Zadar peninsula is scarcely apparent.

Zadar seen from Galevac

Approaching Zadar as we return from Ugljan. You can just see the cathedral's bell tower about in the middle of the photograph.

Heading towards Zadar on the ferry

We are rounding the northwest tip of the Zadar peninsula. The solar panel, known as the "Salute to the Sun" with an approximately 22 m diameter, is clearly visible. At the southwestern base of the peninsula, less than 900 m distant from the solar panel, can be seen Zadar University. These are the buildings farthest to the right in the picture.

Northwestern tip of Zadar peninsula

The northeastern side of the peninsula, with some of Zadar harbor showing, as we come back to port. We had eaten a lovely meal at the restaurant with the maroon-covered awning about ten days prior to our one-day outing to Ugljan.

Zadar harbor

Stanley conferring with Ana, our language instructor.

Heading towards Zadar on the ferry

Susan making a presentation on the last day of language class. Ana observes.

Heading towards Zadar on the ferry

Another view of Zadar from the air as we depart from our two-week language course.

Leaving Zadar: Heading north, looking west


This photograph shows several islands. On the left side of the picture (that is the southern side) from foreground to background (in other words, looking west), we see the northern portion of Ugljan, then the northern portion of Iž, all of Rava, and finally Dugi along the entire length of the background. On the right side of the picture (that is the northern side) from foreground to background, we see the small, roughly circular island of Idula, behind which is the southern portion of Rivanj, and finally the southern portion of Sestrun.

Heading towards Zadar on the ferry

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